Monday, January 31, 2011

What a weekend...

What a long weekend we had. Joseph was coughing all weekend, I believe that he brought it home from Preschool. My ears and nose have been plugged. I have also be getting some pretty bad earaches. And our poor little Hunty man was running a fever and was constipated. So as you can see it wasn't the best weekend at our house.

I did manage to get the heavy soaker hemp prefolds cut and sewed. So now instead of having only the three I have nine!!! At night I have just been inserting one of the hemp inserts under the micro terry insert and we have yet to spring a leak!!!

The Hemp Soaker Before

The Hemp Soaker After

FuzziBunz Micro Terry to the right

I ended up having to use my mom's sewing machine since I don't have my own. So tonight I am ordering one! It is a Brother  CP-7500 Computerized Sewing Machine. And I am getting a steal of a deal on it! I purchased it from for $174.54 and it is normally $379.00!!! So I saved $204.46 or 54%, I am very pleased!!! And I got free shipping couldn't have got much better of a deal!!!

I love the Pink Accents!!!

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  1. That was a really creative idea to cut & sew the inserts! And I am so jelous of your deal. I have a singer, but did NOT get any kind of deal on it. Cant wait to see what other goodies you are going to be showing us :)