Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Diapers!

So late last week I had placed an order through FuzziBunz Store for some hemp inserts. I received them on Tuesday and am so excited to get them washed and get them put to use! At night I have been still using disposable diapers since Hunter pees so much during the night so I think tonight will be the night that we put the hemp to the test. I am nervous because I don't want to wake up with a big pee spot on the bed. I am excited because I really want to be done with disposables. I also decided that I want to try out a few other diapers so I placed an order through Kelly's Closet. I order a couple bumGenius, a rumparooz and used the coupon code FREENEW to receive a new diaper free with my order over $29. I got a Kawaii diaper as my free diaper and a pretty excite to try it out! I received this order on Tuesday as well. I am impressed with the reasonable shipping cost that both FuzziBunz and Kelly's Closet offer and I received my orders really fast for living up here in Alaska! 

So last night I was washing the new diapers and inserts. I am still washing all the hemp products today it takes quite a few washes (8-10) for them to get absorbent!

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  1. I double stuff with hemp insert and a microfiber insert at night, usually does the trick. I put the microfiber toward the baby (in the pocket of course) and the hemp behind so it will wick away the moisture. Much luck to you and your new cloth diapering! It's super addictive once you get into it. Make sure you "like" the major cloth diaper companies on facebook, you might get lucky and score some good seconds sales!