Monday, February 28, 2011

CSN Stores $15 Gift Card GIVEAWAY

As I had said in a few earlier posts CSN Stores gave me the opportunity to do a review on their products. I have been really excited. How this review from them worked is, they sent me an email with a gift certificate code and I am suppose to go to their site and buy whatever I want. Well I did and since I live in Alaska the shipping would have cost three times as much as the baby silverware and snack bowl that I wanted.

So I have decided to give the gift certificate code away to one of my blog followers!

How to Enter:

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When you see the +1 & +2 next to the tasks that is letting you know how many entries you will receive for completing the task. If it says +2 or greater you would  need to leaving two separate comments for that task.

Mandatory Entry (Please complete first!)

+1 Follow me via Google Friends Connect and go to CSN Stores and look through their products then come back here and tell me what you would buy if you won!

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  • +2 Go like me Alaskan Mommy of 2 on Facebook then come back here and leave me a comment with your Facebook name
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*This Giveaway is open until March 15th @8:00PM Alaska Standard Time or 12:00PM Eastern Standard Time*
The winner will be chosen by and will be announced on March 16th! Good Luck and help me get some more fans so I can do more giveaways!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

CSN Stores and an Update on Crying it Out

A couple of weeks ago I was given the opportunity by CSN Stores to do a review! This is my very first review and I am very excited. Did you know that CSN Stores offers everything from Modern Office Furniture to Baby Gear to Bedding to Pet Supplies and more! I cannot believe how many different products they carry!!!

It has been about a week since we started to let Hunter "cry it out". He only cries for about 5-10 minutes now when we put him in his crib. But he still has not slept through the night. One night I tried not getting up to nurse him when he cried and that really didn't work. I am just happy that eh is sleeping in his own crib and when he wakes up to nurse that I can nurse him and put him back in his crib to sleep.

Also before I forget.... I ordered some diaper fabric! And am going to start making diapers as soon as it get here! I am very very excited!!!

Well that is all for now! Time to go spend some time with my boys before bed!

If you don't already follow my bog please do so and tell your friends there is going to be a lot of exciting things to come!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Crying It Out...

Last Saturday Hunter hit 10 months! I cannot believe how fast my little boys have grown, when Joseph was an infant I savored it all. The days didn't go by as fast as they do now. It is crazy to think that this time last year I was pregnant and working full time! Now I am a cloth diapering mom, I have a rambunctious loud Preschooler (this time last year Joseph was very shy and soft spoken), and am jobless(by choice)! I am brushing up on my sewing skills and plan to make a line of baby products in the near future. If you would have told me last year that I would be cloth diapering and sewing. I would have thought you were nuts!!!

I got sidetracked there a little!

Since Hunter was born  he has slept with us in our bed. The main reason for this is that he was born prematurely via C-Section and had some reflux issues. It was easier to have him right next to me for nursing and diaper changing. Each month has passed and we have tried to get him to sleep in his crib but he wants nothing to do with it. He just screams and screams. So what do you know he is still in bed with us. SO after reading an article about breaking sleep habits I decided to give it a go, what do I have to lose?

On Wednesday I bumped up Hunter's evening nursing by a half hour so that he doesn't fall asleep while he is nursing. When he was done nursing I put him in his crib at about 9:00 and told Cody not to go in to him. After crying for a half hour he finally fell asleep and sleep. He did not sleep through the night but he only woke up twice once at 2:30AM and again at 5:30AM and after each nursing I put him back in his crib and he didn't fuss he just rolled over and went back to sleep.

Thursday morning I woke up feeling pretty good! I was thinking "Yay, finally he might sleep through the night!" I did the same thing Thursday night, nursed him early and put him in his crib at 9:00 he cried for 10 minutes and then fell asleep. Cody and I were feeling great and thinking that it would probably only take Hunter a week until we don't have the bedtime battle. I think that we go a little excited too soon because Hunter woke up a bunch, at 11:30, 1:30, 2:30, 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30. So once he woke up at 6:30 I gave in and let him sleep in bed with me until 8:30 when I woke up.

Friday I felt discouraged and kept wondering to myself "Why on earth won't this kid sleep". But I didn't give up. Last night he nursed early and went into his crib at about 9:30 and cred for about 5-8 minutes and fell asleep. He woke up at 11:30ish and ended up falling back asleep within a couple minutes. He then woke up at 1:30AM, I nursed him and put him back in his bed. He woke up two other times but I didn't look at the clock.

Tonight we are not gonna give in, we are going to keep with the routine that we have started and hope that soon our Hunty man will sleep through the night!  It has been a very long time since I slept through the night about a year and a half I figure. I also think a lot of Hunter waking up a lot is because he has a cold again. We just can't seem to get rid of the stuff.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Last Week and Today

So last week was a completely hectic week. We had vet appointments, a preschool potluck, a birthday party, and were rearranging furniture in the living room! That is just all that I can remember. I also received an email from CSN Stores and they want me to review one of their products! I actually thought that the email was a scam so I sent an email to CSN Store with  a copy of the email that I had received just to make sure that it was legit. And it was!!!

Over the weekend I received my sewing machine!!!! I am so excited, it is very light and seems pretty simple to use. I am hoping to start my own line of baby products but I am sure that I have a while before I will have anything ready. I have been searching all over the internet for fabrics and I am going to start making fabric purchases in the next few days. Once I do get products made I am going to be needing TESTERS!!! But I am probably a few months away from that!

Now on to  this week! Today is one of those Mondays that I can actually say "Wow today was definitely a Monday". The temperatures have really started to decline (again). Just when I start to think we might actually get an early spring, it either gets really cold or snows and over the last few days it has done both! I don't mind the snow it is a little too cold for me when with the windchill it is 35 below zero! This morning when I went out to start my car today take Joseph to school it took me five minutes to get his door opened it was frozen shut. I forgot to pack Joseph with his swim trunks and a towel since they went to the pool. Luckily I remembered and we got his stuff to him before they left for the pool! 

Gotta love Mondays!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Where did the week go???

This week kind of slipped away from me. It is already Saturday and I have no idea how that happened. I guess that I have been dealing with sick children all week and still am. My poor little Hunter still has a horrible cough and runny nose. I actually took him to the doctor twice this week and was told both times that his lungs are clear. Joseph is cough too and has a runny nose but I think that he is finally starting to get over it!!!

This week I also decided on my two year plan!! I really want to start my own line of baby products. I have been busy looking at fabrics and am so excited to get started!!! In my town there are no products for cloth diapering parents, I mean NOTHING! So I am hoping that I will also be able to open up a store/shop and be able to offer products and information to parents that want to cloth diaper!

Well that is all that I have for now! I will try to contribute daily but it has been tough with the kiddos being sick.