Monday, February 14, 2011

Last Week and Today

So last week was a completely hectic week. We had vet appointments, a preschool potluck, a birthday party, and were rearranging furniture in the living room! That is just all that I can remember. I also received an email from CSN Stores and they want me to review one of their products! I actually thought that the email was a scam so I sent an email to CSN Store with  a copy of the email that I had received just to make sure that it was legit. And it was!!!

Over the weekend I received my sewing machine!!!! I am so excited, it is very light and seems pretty simple to use. I am hoping to start my own line of baby products but I am sure that I have a while before I will have anything ready. I have been searching all over the internet for fabrics and I am going to start making fabric purchases in the next few days. Once I do get products made I am going to be needing TESTERS!!! But I am probably a few months away from that!

Now on to  this week! Today is one of those Mondays that I can actually say "Wow today was definitely a Monday". The temperatures have really started to decline (again). Just when I start to think we might actually get an early spring, it either gets really cold or snows and over the last few days it has done both! I don't mind the snow it is a little too cold for me when with the windchill it is 35 below zero! This morning when I went out to start my car today take Joseph to school it took me five minutes to get his door opened it was frozen shut. I forgot to pack Joseph with his swim trunks and a towel since they went to the pool. Luckily I remembered and we got his stuff to him before they left for the pool! 

Gotta love Mondays!!!

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