Friday, January 28, 2011

Put the Hemp to the Test

Well last night was the big night, I put the hemp prefold soakers, add ins and inserts to the test! Like I said yesterday I got these from FuzziBunz Store! I would have to say that these are great products and overall I very pleased. The only issue that I ran into was with the trifolds. When I folded them into thirds and stuffed them into our FuzziBunz and then inserted the micro terry on top. It was so thick! In the picture below you can see that Hunter has like 2 inches of padding!

He did end up falling asleep in this big bulky diaper until midnight. Then he woke up pretty angry and I am sure it was because he couldn't straighten his legs. So I took him out of the diaper and put him in one with one of the hemp inserts and put a micro terry insert on top. This did the trick and he slept great! There was no leaks our anything. He woke up at six in the morning and I changed his diaper. There was no way that it was going to leak!!!

The Heavy Soaker Prefold

Heavy Soaker Prefold in thirds

 Organic Hemp Jersey Insert

Hemp Add Ins

I think I have decided to cut the prefolds in thirds and use them as inserts, that way we will be able to get use out of them and Hunter will be comfortable and able to straighten his legs!

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